Radka put up some more very impressive pictures of the recent Prague floods here. Go take a look. I think they explain the semi-Apocalyptic tone of my last post rather well. The rain has stopped now and I have temporarily suspended building the ark on our roof. I think the State of Emergency is over, in the city at least. The Metro is still not working, lots of parks are still closed off. I feel a strange urge to go and listen to the Sisters of Mercy now. And why not? It’s been a while since I heard This Corrosion. 

A Cosy Catastrophe

It’s been raining a lot here in Prague recently, to the point where I have been making my usual dumb joke about how if I had wanted weather like this I would have stayed in Scotland. The rain has gone on for well over a week now, sometimes a light drizzle, often a monsoonal downpour, pretty much always there. You can hear the quiet roar of it in the courtyard of our building at night. It’s like being caught beneath a very small waterfall. Whenever you go out for a walk there is always a faint hissing noise in the Read more…