Another Day, Another Year

It had to happen sooner or later that my birthday would fall on a blogging day. As an inveterately lazy man, I am tempted to make my excuses now and go in search of cake, but there are a few bits and bobs I thought I would mention before I go.

Writing Fantasy Heroes: Tyrion

It’s Writing Fantasy Heroes week here so I thought I would chip in with my two cents worth about one of fantasy heroes I have worked on recently. I’m going to use Tyrion, one of the two main characters in my ongoing High Elf trilogy, as an example. This process of developing Tyrion was a little […]

Black Library Weekender: the Report

So I am finally recovered enough to report on the Black Library Weekender. I had a fantastic time and would just like to say a big thank you to everyone, fans, fellow authors and Black Library staff who made it such a pleasure. The hotel was very pleasant and, I was surprised to discover, not […]

Black Library Weekender

I am just packing to fly to the UK for the Black Library Weekender this weekend. Just wanted to remind everyone that there are still a few tickets left and to say that I am looking forward to meeting those of you who will be there. Come over and say hello! 

Writing Blood of Aenarion (Part Four)

I am sometimes an idiot. Last time I was talking about how I came to the solution of how the Elves of Ulthuan figure out N’Kari’s plan. I fully intended to discuss that in this post then I realised it was, in fact, something of a huge spoiler so, apologies if I got your hopes […]

Writing Blood of Aenarion (Part Three)

So there I was trying to decide whether to junk yet another opening. If you’ve read the book, you already know I didn’t and you also know why. The solution to the problem was pretty simple. It had already been established (in Daemonslayer, for example, and in the Daemons of Chaos book which was causing me […]

Writing Blood of Aenarion (Part Two)

After realising I was going to have to start all over again, I read and re-read the descriptions of the twins conflict with N’Kari and considered my options. This was not going to be an easy story to write. As things were stated it took place at the Shrine of Asuryan. There were no encounters […]

Writing Blood of Aenarion (Part One)

Sometimes a book goes exactly the way you always thought such things would back when you were a kid dreaming about being a writer. You get to visit glamorous, exotic locations, eat great food, lounge around in your pyjamas (or your swimsuit) and do exactly what you would do back home, only patting yourself on […]

Blood of Aenarion Makes Gemmell Shortlist

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for Blood of Aenarion in the David Gemmell Legend Award. It is a great honour to have made it onto the short list.

Another Blast From the Past: Rogue Traders

Here is another background piece I did back when I was writing Farseer. There is actually a Rogue Trader character in Fist of Demetrius so this may still be relevant. Once again, everything here is very old and none of it was ever part of the official 40K background save where it appears in Farseer. […]

Drinking With Wolves

For those of you considering having a beer with the Wolves of Space, a dire warning. Leo, one of the Imperial Guard heroes of Fist of Demetrius, has had some experience in this field. Extracted from the first draft of Fist of Demetrius “Kill me now,” I said. The room seemed to be whirling around as […]

Wolfblades: Yet Another Blast From The Past

In honour of Macharius’s recent encounter with the Wolves of Space I have decided to reprint yet another old post of mine from the website. (And yes, I admit it, because I am feeling lazy.) Once again, I would like to thank Jimmy Carmine for pointing me in the direction of the and allowing […]

Another Blast From The Past

Here are some more mad ramblings from the recently rediscovered files of Wilhelm of Praag, strangely still relevant to the Tyrion and Teclis Trilogy. (I would like to thank Jimmy Carmine for pointing me in the direction of in the comments to the previous Blast From the Past). I should point out that this comes from […]

A Blast From The Past

So that’s Black Library Live been and gone and  it was a lot of fun. I even managed to pick up a copy of Slaves To Darkness, one of the very first projects I ever worked on at Games Workshop back in the day. It contains the very first encounter of the Emperor and Horus ever […]

Interrogated By Skaven

I was recently captured and interrogated by Skaven. The full horrific results can be found here.