Recently I have ventured into the burgeoning new field of e-books. My first book Death’s Angels is available from Amazon. The rest of the series will follow over the next few months.


  1. Joshua Wachter says:

    Well I liked Death’s Angels. Just thought I’d stop by and let you know. Its a good book and I’m glad you wrote it. Keep up the good work and don’t slack off.

    The Deposed King

  2. Hello,

    Would this be available via other ebook formats like epub?

    Thank you,


    • Not at the moment I am afraid, Al. All my books used to be but I pulled them from sale so I could try Kindle Select. It is possible they will be back on sale at other venues within the next couple of months. Sorry about that.

      • Hey, i’d like to know if and when you put them back on as epub please!!

        • I will announce it here on the blog, Dan. And on my mailing list, if you would just like to get an email. You can sign up for that at the top right of the page :).

  3. Jeremy Addaway says:

    love the book William. I have been reading books for going on 32 years and I enjoy your work. The Terrarch Chronicles are on my Kindle as will any other work you write. Thanks Capt. Jeremy Addaway

  4. Craig Mather says:

    Just finished reading your Terrarch chronicles books and wanted to say that I really enjoyed the series and hope that you have some plans for a few more adventures for Rik in the not too distant future? Many thanks for taking the time to write them

    • Thank you, Craig. I have two sequels planned, tentatively titled The Devil’s Republic and The Alchemical Age. The first will deal with the human uprising against the Terrarchs in the aftermath of the Sardean War and the undead plague. The second shows the start of Gaeia’s Industrial Revolution as the world moves into a kind of proto-Steampunk phase. Imagine elemental powered steam engines, land dreadnaughts and airships and you’ll have some idea of what I have in mind. I’m planning on doing some more with the Elder Races as well. Very long term I hope to have our heroes pass through the Angel Gates and return to Al’Terra for a confrontation with the Princes of Shadow.

      • Craig Mather says:

        good to hear, sounds like there a a few years worth of adventures to come. I wait with baited breath. I don’t suppose you could advise on the timescale for the next book?

        • I’ve actually been getting this question a lot recently, Craig, and you’ve just made me realise I should probably do a blog post about it! The short answer is that I am busy with Black Library work( Macharius 2 and 3) until October so it probably won’t be until next year.

          • Craig Mather says:

            Oh well I guess it gives me the chance to work my way through your other books. Thanks again

  5. Jonathan says:

    Just downloaded and read all 4 of the Terrarch Chronicles and really enjoyed them! It started off a little slow (for me anyways), which I mostly attribute to getting used to a brand-new world and characters. I’d highly recommend everyone download the first book on Amazon (it’s free!) and I guarantee by the end you’ll be itching to read the next one! Read all 4 in like 3 days, now I’m just bummed that I gotta wait a year or so for continuation. Still King is a pretty prolific writer so I’ll just have to read some of his other works in the meantime. 😛 Also is it just me or does anyone else get the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos kinda vibe from the books? What with the Elder Signs/Races, etc etc. Very cool world, looking forward to learning more about it. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Don’t forget to review the books on Amazon, more reviews the better they sell and the more get written. At least I imagine that’s how it works. lol

    • Thanks, Jonathan! The Terrarch books very definitely have a Lovecraft vibe. I read a lot of Cthulhu mythos stuff when I was younger and it has influenced me ever since.

      • Jonathan says:

        Excellent! Looking forward to learning more about the Elder Races and reading about the world and its history. Thanks for writing all this great stuff! Btw Skavenslayer is by far one of my favorite books, every time I read it I laugh so hard I cry. lol Read it on the plane once and I think the people near me thought I was having convulsions!

  6. Hi William (Bill)
    First of all – many many thanks for writing the Terrarch series of -ebooks – They’ve been a fantastic escape and I’ve really enjoyed them!
    I’m struggling to find somewhere where I can purchase / download a copy of the last one “Armies of the Dead”…. Can you tell me if it is going to be available on Apple’s I-Books anytime soon please?

    • Thanks John– glad you have enjoyed the books. They were fun to write! I retitled Armies of the Dead and called it Shadowblood. It should be available on iBooks right now.

  7. Will you be offering The Fist of Demetrius in e-book format anytime soon?

  8. An Old Fan says:

    I am rapidly running out of books of yours to read (Kormak? Done. Terrach? Done. Stormtrooper 13? Done. Short stories? Done. Inquiry Agent? In progress). Please publish more soon! 😛

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