Island of the Sorcerer Released

The latest Kormak short story, Island of the Sorcerer has gone live. Here’s the blurb: A longship of giant warriors missing at sea. An ancient island of alien magic risen from the depths of the ocean. Long dead wizards returned from beyond the grave. Kormak must cope with all three in this thrilling tale of […]

Books of Kane

Last week I pre-ordered a couple of books by one of my favourite Sword and Sorcery authors, Karl Edward Wagner. This morning The Book of Kane and Death Angel’s Shadow automagically appeared on my Kindle courtesy of Amazon and Gateway. These are books have been out of print for a long time and can usually […]

Elric Among the Nazis

Last year Gollancz announced it was going to be making all of Michael Moorcock’s genre work available both in print and in ebook form. It was exciting news for me. Moorcock was my gateway drug to genre fantasy more than 40 years ago. I own most of his stuff in paperback but the books are […]

Author’s Notes: Stealer of Flesh

I know, it’s a bit silly to be writing up the Author’s Notes five months or so after the book was released but what the hell– I’ve been busy and I’ve been sick and these things get done in their own time.  Stealer of Flesh is a book that Amazon made possible. Seriously. All of […]

Kormak: Stealer of Flesh Released

Just wanted to announce that Stealer of Flesh, the first Kormak novel– well, a collection of linked novelettes really, has been released. In a blatant effort to promote sales, the Kormak short story Guardian of the Dawn will be free until midnight Thursday as well. STEALER OF FLESH To the world at large, he is […]