Winter Is Here

Snow was on the ground in Prague this morning. It was minus seven and my phone’s weather app claimed it felt like minus ten, presumably due to wind chill. In any case, it was quite cold enough for me.

The snow’s been here for a while, and it inspired me to do some things I rarely do, take out my camera and start snapping away while I do my daily ten thousand steps.

WP 20160117 15 31 38 Pro

As you can see the party ships look a little different to the way they do in the summer.

WP 20160117 15 32 04 Pro

The cycle paths are kept clear though.

WP 20160117 15 38 32 Pro

The railway bridge has some interesting statues hanging around below it.

WP 20160117 15 39 53 Pro

It’s one of the things I love about Prague, the way you come across art in the strangest places— like these mobiles hanging around under the railway bridge or the alien babies climbing the side of the Zizkov tower.

Anyway, I hope your winter is less cold than mine, unless you happen to be skiing.

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2 Replies to “Winter Is Here”

  1. Great pictures!
    This being your daily walk, it explains a great deal about the inspiration for the Russian steampunk novel.

    Looking forward to reading your work in 2016!

    1. Thanks, William. Prague is indeed an inspiring place for steampunk. I once had a truly Philip K Dick experience here. I was on the tram crossing one of those bridges. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them again I saw lots of Union Jacks and people in Victorian clothes waving them. Looking down at the river, I saw a steampunk ship. Just for a moment I wondered whether I had fallen through a wormhole into some parallel dimension. Turns out they were filming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that day.

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