Wolfblade sees Ragnar sent into exile on Holy Terra, to serve House Belisarius as part of an ages old pact. He soon finds that no-one is safe from the scheming of the Navigator Houses, and the sinister House Ferraci in particular…Politics, intrigue, assassination and epic battles abound and Ragnar is ably aided and abetted by two new brothers-in-arms, the larger than life Haegr, and the suave and mysterious Torin.

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  1. Going straight to the point (since im a very curious and to the point person). Was there any specific reason why you decided to let Lee Lightner continue the epic tale of Ragnar? Of all the books on Warhammer 40k ive found yours to be the best. And so i was greatly saddened to find out in the second omnibus that i bought that somebody else had taken over.

    And if you allow me to be so bold as to pose a second question. Do you plan on ever writing another Warhammer 40k novel? Perhaps about another space marine chapter?

    And ide like to thank you for the hours of reading pleasure you have given me. I hope to see more of your work soon. 🙂

    1. Hi Cedric,

      Thanks for the kind words. In answer to your question, at the time I was really struggling to engage with the Space Wolves and did not feel I was really up for writing any more books about them. I did not specifically pick Lee to write the follow ups. That was done by the people at Black Library. I am currently writing a trilogy of books about the Imperial Guard during the Macharian Crusade so the answer to your second question would have to be yes :).

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