Bill King is the author of over 30 novels, an Origins Award-winning game designer, husband, father, and player of MMOs. His short stories have appeared in Interzone and Years Best SF. He is the creator of Gotrek & Felix and the author of the World of Warcraft novel Illidan. Over a million of his books are in print in English. Blood of Aenarion was shortlisted for the 2012 David Gemmell Legend Award. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic.


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  1. Bill,

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating/writing the Gotrek and Felix series. They were some of the best fantasy I’ve read. Very good in their own special way. I’ve also passed on your works to a handful of other people- students of mine, guildmates in WoW, etc. They’ve all enjoyed your work. Right now I’m reading your Space Wolves First Omnibus and its really pulling me into Warhammer 40k, something I’ve never thought I’d get into. Thanks! Lastly, you were the best writer of Gotrek and Felix, the current guy is decent, but the stories just don’t have the same tough and feel. Please consider picking them up again.

    A fan from the States,

    Derek Weimer
    Cincinnati, OH, USA

  2. Bill,

    Any chance you’ll ever ressurrect Wasteworld? Do you still own the rights or are they with the defunct Manticore games? Enquiring minds want to know!

    Randy Metras
    Rochester, Ny USA

  3. Bill, Thank you for your reply and for b eing an approachable artist! Too bad, the game is great. Would have loved to see the proposed expansions of the other Megazones of Avernus. Oh well, will have to exercise my brain and make my own details 😉


  4. Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to say that it gladdens my heart to see that you have followed your dreams and that you are doing well. I remember fondly our gaming sessions back in Stranraer in the late 80s, particularly the different worlds you made up using the Hero system.

    Thanks for giving me at least some decent memories of Stranraer ;-P.


  5. William,

    You are my favorite writer in warhammer series, please tell me…is there a chance that you will return to Gotrek/Felix series. The last books have lost the track and most of them are bad by my opinion. Thanks for reply, take care. Richard

    1. Thanks Stephen, much appreciated. I still play around with some game design in the hope that I may eventually have time to get back into running a campaign some day. Right now I am looking at Old School Renaissance stuff (easy for me since I grew up with these rules) and FATE. When I have time I would like to design a Sword and Sorcery magic system for FATE, if I can’t find one off the shelf. These days though I am more interested in what other people are doing with games design.

  6. Mr. King,

    I am sorry to disturb you with a Gotrek & Felix question, but to avoid spending bad money after good, I need to.

    The Oct. 2013 “G&F: Myths and Legends” contains what three short stories that were originally published in what?
    I have many GW/BL volumes; I have been around a while.
    Black Library seems to be clueless as to where these were originally printed, and they give no titles.
    I am hoping you might help me.

    Thank you..

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