Warhammer 40,000 is Games Workshop’s miniatures game set in a very dark and distant future. Imagine Dune if the universe had been envisioned by Michael Moorcock and HP Lovecraft. It’s violent, dangerous place where genetically engineered super-soldiers and mighty armies of mortals are the only thing that stand between humanity and total extinction. Mankind is ruled by a vast bureaucracy in the name of crippled God-Emperor imprisoned in his life-preserving throne for millennia.

I’ve written a four books about the Space Wolves chapter of Space Marines and one about the Rogue Trader Janus Darke. I am presently working on a trilogy of novels about the Imperial Guard set during the Macharian crusade.

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  1. Whatever happened to the Farseer Novels that you started writing. I’ve remember reading in carious places that it was supposed to be a trilogy. If this is true, is there any chance of you finishing them?

    1. The original idea was indeed that it would be a trilogy but somehow that just never happened. I got caught up in writing other things. I am very fond of the book but I don’t see the series going anywhere now I am afraid. Of course, you never know! There’s always the possibility of going back, even if it’s a very small one.

      1. I have to thank you for getting me started in reading. i would have to say if it wasn’t for your book farseer. it was the first novel that i had read that wasn’t a pick-a-path. it was so good that i got in so much trouble for not putting the book down and getting back to work and before this book i’d never ever pick up a book to read on my own chose. well because of your great work i now have read and own many novels and still looking for more. If ever u do write book 2 and 3 i would have to ask for a signed copy even if i have to pay the fraight for australia to you and back again.

        so please finish the trilogy. Many thanks Patrick

        1. Thank you, Patrick. If ever I do write book two and three I would be happy to sign them for you. You never know. I might make it back to Australia again some day!

  2. I think your Space Wolves single handedly are responsible for me making the transition from Warhammer to 40k, Gotrek and Felix for life but I think the four Space Wolves books you wrote beat any other space marine chapters. Can’t wait to read about Teclis and Tyrion also. Do you know of any way to keep up to date on when your works or released? …Cheers from Ca, USA mate.

    1. Hi William, I have a mailing list which I fully intend to use to notify people when there is any news. I will wait till I have something to announce before using it since I don’t want to spam people! As far as I know Blood of Aenarion will be released in December. I actually have a copy on my shelf now. It’s a very good-looking book :).

    1. Hey Rajz– sorry to take so long replying. I was traveling today. Through Schiphol in the Netherlands too. (Sprang to mind when I saw your .nl address :).)

      Right now I can’t see myself going back to Ragnar or Gotrek and Felix, but you can never say never.

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