“The King of High Adventure,” Starlog.

Goran, the hulking, undead warrior and Malik, embittered thief and hedge wizard are minions of a would-be Dark Lord. He sends them to acquire the things he needs for his plans of world domination, most of the time forgetting to warn them of the dangers they will face, possibly because that would just scare them witless or possibly because henchmen are expendable anyway.

An ancient evil, a beautiful sorceress and a tribe of savage Orcs guard the sinister secret of the lost city of Komoria. Goran and Malik must find a way to steal the Spheres of Doom from under their noses and survive to tell the tale.

Henchmen is darkly comic sword and sorcery novelette from the bestselling creator of Gotrek and Felix. (Approximately 9000 words.)

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