Magic Rings & Laser Beams Podcast Appearance

A little while back I spent an enjoyable hour chatting with Ben Sherman of the Magic Rings & Laser Beams’s podcast. We covered a number of subjects including Gotrek’s conversational skills, Illidan’s motivations and my long term alternative career as a gamer. If you’re interested in hearing my dulcet Scottish tones you can catch the conversation here. I make my entrance about the 19 minute mark.

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    1. Thank you for pointing that out. It was indeed a post about GTA 4 among other things. Unfortunately, the link is to a page that was lost during the great site wipeout incident of 2018, and I don’t have any easy way of restoring it. Sooner or later I will visit the Wayback Machine and grab a copy of the text, but it’s not a high priority right now- it’s deadlines a-go-go here!

  1. For the record, I once read the first five Gotrek & Felix novels three times in a single day. The idea of spending eternity with your favourite book(s) is something I’ve actually done; it was a week at a Club Med in Italy, and all I had brought to read was Trollslayer, Skavenslayer, Daemonslayer, Dragonslayer and Beastslayer, and one Discworld novel (Reaper Man, I think). As a shy, introverted teenager with no particular interest in sports shut inside a fenced compound filled with a lot of tracks and courts, but very little nature to actually enjoy, reading them once or twice a day helped keep me sane. Naturally, I still re-read them (and Vampireslayer and Giantslayer) every now and then.

      1. I am doing a reading of the collected works of William King right now, actually, ever since the first Dragonbond novel came out. I started with the later works (post Giantslayer), and am currently deciding whether to start on Space Wolf or Trollslayer next. This time around I had a special treat in the form of the Leviathan rulebook, and aside from the epic history of the rise and fall of the Elven Empire, it was very interesting to find little pieces here and there that would grow to become stories in their own right, like the order of Light-worshipping holy warriors and their mountain fortress, or the orcs and their reptilian warbeasts.

        1. Leviathan– that’s a blast from the past, William. Must be at least 25 years since I wrote that. Mostly what I remember is the glorious Adrian Smith artwork.

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