Magic Rings & Laser Beams Podcast Appearance

A little while back I spent an enjoyable hour chatting with Ben Sherman of the Magic Rings & Laser Beams’s podcast. We covered a number of subjects including Gotrek’s conversational skills, Illidan’s motivations and my long term alternative career as a gamer. If you’re interested in hearing my dulcet Scottish tones you can catch the conversation here. I make my entrance about the 19 minute mark.

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    1. Thank you for pointing that out. It was indeed a post about GTA 4 among other things. Unfortunately, the link is to a page that was lost during the great site wipeout incident of 2018, and I don’t have any easy way of restoring it. Sooner or later I will visit the Wayback Machine and grab a copy of the text, but it’s not a high priority right now- it’s deadlines a-go-go here!

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