Portents of Doom Cover Reveal

This week I am finishing up the tenth Kormak book Portents of Doom. In it, Kormak, Rhiana and company pursue the sorcerer Balthazar through the blighted jungles of Terra Nova as the quest to find the source of Vorkhul’s coffin nears its climax. Mutant tribesmen, were-jaguars, demon summoners and the Lords of Skulls himself all seek to block their path and end their lives.

Clarissa Yeo over at Yocla Designs has done her usual bang-up job on the cover.


Portents of Doom is at the final editing stage and is about to head out to my test readers and then editors. It should be available around the end of October/start of November.

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7 Replies to “Portents of Doom Cover Reveal”

    1. Would that it were so, Rex. For a variety of reasons, I have been sitting on a stack of manuscripts for a couple of years. I’m finally getting round to releasing them. Once I work my way through the backlog, the release rate will slow way back down again.

  1. Is there something inherently unique in Kormak’s character or his world that keeps you writing so prolifically of his adventures?

    1. I enjoy writing the stories, Luke and I enjoy building the world. They are the sort of stories I really wanted to write when I was younger and set out to be a writer.

      That said, I’ll be branching out into other forms and genres in the not too distant future.

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