Masque of Death Released


Masque of Death,the ninth book in the Kormak Saga has gone live.

In it our monster-hunting hero finally reaches Terra Nova where he is framed for murder during the Masque of Death, a great and sinister carnival of terrifying delights. He must face all sorts of skullduggery as he seeks to clear his name and unmask a killer while rebellion threatens.

Here’s the blurb


The colony of Terra Nova is a place of dark secrets. Corrupt Old Ones, sinister sorcerers and murderous cults lurk in the shadows. Accused of a murder he did not commit, Kormak must unravel its mysteries before rebellion and dark sorcery tear the land apart.

The ebook is now available at $4.99 or the equivalent in local currency. Masque of Death is available at your favourite ebook retailer now.

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Barnes and Noble is being unusually slow to upload at the moment, but the book will be available on the Nook eventually.

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