Lamia’s Bane Released

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

The latest Kormak story is now available. Here’s the blurb:

A deadly lamia has returned to  the ancient city she ruled until driven out by the Order of the Dawn two centuries ago. Now Kormak must brave the haunted ruins and find out why she has come back. He is not alone — a Shadow sorceress and a necromancer’s army of the walking dead also hunt the undead temptress for their own sinister purposes.

This ten thousand word short story is available at all the usual e-tailers priced at $2.99 or whatever the  store owner deems equivalent in local currency.





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2 Replies to “Lamia’s Bane Released”

  1. Thanks for this one, Bill – IMHO the best Kormak short story yet, and I’ll be popping over to Amazon to say so. How much fun was it writing a story about a driven, ruthless killer and the young, romantic poet drawn into his world by fate?

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