The Inquiry Agent Free on Amazon

I thought I had better mention the fact that my Victorian detective novel The Inquiry Agent is free on Amazon today. I have cancelled the automatic renewal on Kindle Select and I won’t be renewing it in the foreseeable future so this may well be your last chance to pick the book up as a freebie. The Inquiry Agent is not very typical of my usual style or genre but it is, in many ways, the best book I have written and it’s one I am very proud of. If you need any more encouragement, here is the blurb.

London 1841: a city on the edge. Corruption is everywhere. The poor are starving in the streets. The wealthy fear an explosion of anarchy and insurrection.

Amidst the turmoil, a wealthy merchant and his spoiled, beautiful ward hire former Bow Street Runner Jack Brodie to recover incriminating documents from the lawless rogues that robbed them. It is no easy task even for a man with Brodie’s criminal connections because an old and vicious enemy has returned from the penal colony of New South Wales seeking vengeance for the slaying of his brother. As Brodie hunts through the thieves dens hidden in the rookeries of Dickensian London, it is only a matter of time before their paths cross and murderous violence ensues.

You can download the book free from and It should be there until midnight Pacific Time on the 7th of July, barring glitches which have been known to happen. Go get it now! 

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  1. Hi William!

    Do you know if there is DRM on it? If I pick it up, can I convert it to epub? (I have a Nook).

    Absolutely love your stories by the way!


    1. Thanks, Linda :). As far as I know the only story of mine which has DRM on it is Death’s Angels, which I did by accident when I first put it up and was learning the system. To be certain I just checked my Amazon dashboard and The Inquiry Agent has no DRM. You ought to be able to convert the file to epub using Calibre.

  2. Your book has snatched an afternoon from my grasp not unlike the ill-gotten goods of the thieves Brodie had hunted. Good thing it’s raining slightly less over here than in Prague! I can’t help but feel a bit sad at the overall tone of finality in the crafting of Brodie’s adventures, even as the end of the book hinted at further ones to be had.

    1. Glad you liked the book :). I did (and still do) have plans for more books in the series and I have been working away on them intermittently for some time. New fatherhood and some health issues have slowed down productivity over the past couple of years though so things are not progressing quite as fast as I would like. I’ll get there eventually though once I have caught up with my other commitments.

      And my apologies, I just found your last comment on Amazon and fanfic buried in the blog’s spam filter. It’s something I check once in a blue moon so I just noticed it. Sorry about that. It’s approved now!

      1. Oh, I forgot to mention. I learned why police officers are called Bobbies (and Peelers sometimes) after reading the book. Interesting and educational! 😀

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