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Indie Publishing a Print Book

So, how much does it cost to independently produce the print version of a book these days? Well, Stealer of Flesh (currently available from Amazon, the Book Depository and any bookstore where you care to place an order ISBN: 978-1483969541) cost me somewhere under $125. To those of you who, like me, grew up in the […]

Father’s Day on the Assassin’s Road

Quite by coincidence I celebrated Father’s Day by reading the new Dark Horse Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus. This concerns the adventures of a man even less likely to win the Father of the Year Award than Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones. Ogami Itto travels Tokugawa Shogunate Japan pursuing his career as an unstoppable […]

The Man Who Came to Blog – Vincent W. Rospond

I first met Vince Rospond in Nottingham many, many moons ago. He was then North American Sales Manager for Black Library. This, the fact that he was a very affable chap and that he was from New Jersey were the things that stuck in my mind during that first meeting. We went out for dinner with […]

The Inquiry Agent Free on Amazon

I thought I had better mention the fact that my Victorian detective novel The Inquiry Agent is free on Amazon today. I have cancelled the automatic renewal on Kindle Select and I won’t be renewing it in the foreseeable future so this may well be your last chance to pick the book up as a […]


Radka put up some more very impressive pictures of the recent Prague floods here. Go take a look. I think they explain the semi-Apocalyptic tone of my last post rather well. The rain has stopped now and I have temporarily suspended building the ark on our roof. I think the State of Emergency is over, in […]

A Cosy Catastrophe

It’s been raining a lot here in Prague recently, to the point where I have been making my usual dumb joke about how if I had wanted weather like this I would have stayed in Scotland. The rain has gone on for well over a week now, sometimes a light drizzle, often a monsoonal downpour, […]