New Kormak Covers

Here are the new covers for the first three books in the Kormak series. I think we can all agree they are a gigantic improvement on the ones I designed myself using Powerpoint and stock art. They were created by Clarissa Yeo at I highly recommend Clarissa if you’re in the market for a cover for your print or ebook. She is fast, talented, patient and very pleasant to work with as well as reasonably priced. 




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    1. Thanks, Jimmy. I have already updated the covers on Amazon and elsewhere but I don’t know how that will affect people who have already bought. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be adding maps and author’s notes and declaring this a new edition. At that point, people who have already bought should get an email from Amazon giving them the option to update their version. At least this is how I think it works :).

    1. Thanks, Adrian. The next one, City of Strife, will probably be out in May. The first draft is written and currently being revised. Clarissa has sent me a mockup of the cover. It’s an urban adventure set in the great mercantile city-state of Vermstadt and it features were-rats, an undead gang lord and warring merchant houses with Kormak caught in the middle. As you can probably tell from the description it’s a bit more Fritz Leiber influenced than the previous volumes.

  1. That is great to hear . Could it be posible that in the future we can read a book about the ork wars in wich Kormak took part ?

    1. Maybe in the future Adrian. If the series is popular we may eventually see Kormak’s youth in something other than brief flashbacks! I am currently also rewriting Taker of Skulls (which is book five). It opens with a trip through the ruins of Great Scar Valley which was ravaged by the orcs back in the day. Kormak has some memories of the place from before and after. I won’t kid you though mostly it’s about dwarves and goblins as it’s set in Kormak’s worlds equivalent of Moria. I am planning a book about the orcs but it will be set in contemporary times. My current plan is for each book to explore some new facet of the current world.

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