New Kormak Covers

Here are the new covers for the first three books in the Kormak series. I think we can all agree they are a gigantic improvement on the ones I designed myself using Powerpoint and stock art. They were created by Clarissa Yeo at I highly recommend Clarissa if you’re in the market for a cover for your print or ebook. She is fast, talented, patient and very pleasant to work with as well as reasonably priced. 

A Map Of Kormak’s World

So finally the Kingdoms of the Sun have what all serious/series fantasy worlds seem to need– a map. This beautiful one was done by Chazz Kellner using Campaign Cartographer 3. (Thanks Chazz!) It’s an enormous improvement on the vague sketches and lists of names that I produced when I first started writing the stories. The distances are accurate and I now have a much clearer idea where everything is. It’s been a fascinating process watching bits of background from my published books, my notes and my half-completed short stories take shape. I’ll be adding this map to the latest version Read more…

Standard Bearer, Kuala Lumpur

In keeping with what is fast becoming a proud tradition of this blog, here are some pictures from the signing I did at the Standard Bearer, Kuala Lumpur a month or two ago. As ever there are some establishing shots of KL taken on my phone’s camera, then pictures taken by other folks who were kind enough to send them along. This was a most excellent signing and I would like to thank Wolf and Zen and Dzirhan and Norman and Jason and Jar Jar as well as those people whose names I have unfortunately forgotten for showing up and listening Read more…

Strategy Games Sale at Good Old Games

Good Old Games is having a sale of strategy games over this weekend. All of the Age of Wonders games and several of the Heroes of Might and Magic games along with many good city management games and King of Dragon Pass are available at 50% off. None of them cost more than a few dollars. Just thought some of you might like to know!

Anatomy of an E-Book Sale

I just bought an e-book, Yesterday’s Spy, by Len Deighton. So what, Bill, I hear you cry– you buy ebooks every day. Most of us do. What’s there worth writing a blog post about in that? Well, it’s a process I usually do unthinkingly and today I actually analysed it on the level of both my intellectual processes and the mechanisms of sale. (Forgive me if what I am going to say sounds entirely obvious, but sometimes it’s worth thinking about the obvious.) Here’s what happened. This morning I was reading an article on Slate about how Len Deighton wrote Read more…