Stealer of Flesh Released In Czech

Here is the cover for the Czech edition of Stealer of Flesh now on sale throughout the Republic. My thanks to the good people at Polaris for the release. (And thanks to Radka for the photo.)

Kormak Cover Czech

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      1. I got my wish fullfiled. I read the book on thursday, because my laptop broke down and I´ve had lots of free time. I finished the book in one reading and got exactly what I wished for. I wasn´t swept away by the stories, but it was highly entertaining read and I will recommend it to my fantasy reading friends. I liked Kormak and his companions (except sometimes there was too much unnecessary dialog to my taste) and his world looks promising for future stories. It really did remind me of good old Conan stories from Howard, escpecially the last one. So…what are your plans for Kormak? Will there be more short stories? How many?

        1. Thanks for that :).

          There should be a new Kormak novel in English in January– Defiler of Tombs. I have finished the first draft of another, Weaver of Shadow, which will, I hope, be out in the first quarter of 2013 — maybe. You never know with that since I had hoped to release Defiler in the first quarter of last year and it took me another year to get the rewrites done.

          Defiler of Tombs features the hunt for a necromancer across an undead haunted land under an ancient curse. Weaver of Shadow is set during a war between humans and feral elves in what remains of the once-continent spanning Elderwood. It also features the return of the Ultari spider-warriors last seen in Death’s Angels.

          I’ve started a couple more Kormak short stories which will be finished as and when I have the time and energy. I don’t have a real deadline for those. I’ll probably put them up on this blog when they are done so watch this space.

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