Terrarchs on Nook and iTunes

Just wanted to say that the four Terrarch books and a bunch of my short stories are once again available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. I’ll be adding links to the appropriate pages over the next few days, time and deadlines allowing. I have already put up the Death’s Angels links. If you are interested just click on the picture in the right hand column.

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  1. Just have to say I stumbled across your terrarch chronicles quite by accident. I’m glad o did after reading a few ebooks that frankly my 8year old could better. I found your storytelling evocative and thoroughly enjoyed the world you created. Will we see anymore sequels/prequel novels ?

    1. Thanks,Spencer. Glad you liked the books. I have two sequels at the planning stage, tentatively titled The Devil’s Republic and The Alchemical Age. One is about the fallout of the zombie plague and the ensuing human revolution and the other moves the world into a magical-Industrial Revolution. There should also be the usual assortment of Elder Races, evil magic and some new schemes from the followers of Shadow. At the moment, I am up to my eyeballs in Warhammer work so it will probably be next year at the earliest before I have the new books ready for release though.

      1. Excellent , you have inspired me to finally try and do some more work on my own book.
        i really do think you deserve a wider audience . !!!

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