The Absence Note

I set myself the goal of writing 3 posts a week when I started this blog. My initial plan was to do them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Much to my surprise I have managed to keep this up for a few months now. Given the fact that my idea of a regular blog schedule used to be posting once a year whether I had anything to say or not, I think I have done pretty well. However, I am off to Gamesday on Friday– I know this is on Sunday but hitch-hiking from Prague takes time. Just kidding– I am actually heading in to the Nottingham Bunker on Friday to talk with the High Lords, then I will be in Birmingham Saturday signing copies of Blood of Aenarion for sale on Sunday. I’ll be on my way back to Prague on Monday. On top of all this I have a deadline in a couple of weeks and I had the workmen in yesterday building stuff which was pretty distracting. This means there will be no regular scheduled blog post today, Friday or next Monday. I will return to burble nonsense, most likely about Gamesday, next Wednesday. I look forward to seeing those of you who are going to be at Gamesday at the signing booth!


  1. http://Fjelldal says

    Keep it up 🙂 Looking forward to read Blood of Aenarion


  2. So if I read it right, you will be in GW Birmingham on saturday to sign copies of Blood of Aenarion correct? What time will it be?

    • ‘fraid not, mate. I will be in the NEC signing a big pile of books for sale at Gamesday on the Sunday. Such is the glamourous life of an author!

      • /facepalm Of course. I thought you were doing extra signings beforehand 🙂

        Well I shall be there good sir, and I’ll be bringing along something for you to sign that is hopefully a nice surprise 🙂

  3. http://Garimoth says

    Forgot my book “Space Wolf (1999) for you to sign at Gamesday 2011 unfortunately it din’t get to the store (due to the queues) to buy another book in time. When will you be in the UK signing again?

    • Hey, mate. Yes, I am sure I will be. I am hopefully going to be at Black Library Live and failing that I will be at Gamesday next year.

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