Armageddon Protocol Released

Armageddon Protocol, the first of my new cyberpunk military SF series is now out!

Armageddon Protocol Preview

As I promised last week, here’s a preview of the first chapter of my upcoming cyberpunk military SF novel, Armageddon Protocol. It should be available before the Christmas holidays.     “Stormtrooper 13? Stormtrooper 13? What is your status?” The words burst through the static as Orbital made contact from geostationary. It could just have been one […]

Cyberpunk Stories

Cyberpunk is what the future used to look like — at least to me. It was the big SF movement of my long gone youth and preparing these old stories (written almost a quarter of a century ago) for e-pub I recaptured some of the excitement I felt about it then. Cyberpunk was exciting for […]