Create Your Ebook For Free

I know Jonathan Moeller from his (excellent) fiction and the fact that he is a frequent commenter on this blog. It was during one exchange in the comments that the idea for this guest post was born. Jonathan mentioned that he had written and published a book entirely using free software and he’d done so […]


One side effect of my World of Warcraft addiction is that I don’t find myself playing too many other computer games. Time was when I was a regular PC gamer but once I started spending my free time in Azeroth, I played fewer and fewer other games, and when I did it was usually just to dip […]

Old Computers Made New

I am not sure why but Linux developed into something of an obsession over the past couple of weeks. I could not just stop with installing it on one machine. I decided to stick Linux on my Lenovo 100S. A quick search of the internet will reveal that this is a problematic little laptop to […]

Further Adventures in Linux

Quite unexpectedly I find myself caught up in using Linux again. It all started when I installed Mint on my broken Acer Travelmate last week. I was so impressed by the way things worked that, at the weekend, I dug out an Asus K42 I bought in Singapore about seven years ago and repeated the […]

Linux Mint 18

At the weekend I took a head stagger and downloaded Linux Mint 18. I set up a USB stick with the ISO on it. I broke out my eight year old Acer Travelmate 8371 and installed Mint Cinnamon. And what do you know, pretty soon it was up and running, with nary a hitch. The […]

Ubuntu 12.04 First Impressions

Long term followers of this blog will know that I use multiple computers and multiple operating systems when I work. Of late, I have mostly been using my new MacBook Air, singularly the most lovely piece of hardware I have ever owned, and Scrivener 2 which remains the most polished iteration of that great piece of novel […]

Writing on an Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook

I often carry my eeePC 1001P around with me when I am travelling or going out to cafes to write (Yes, I really do this! I know it’s not cool but I stopped worrying about looking cool a very long time ago.) Worried about Windows security, I replaced the XP installation with Ubuntu Linux 10.10. […]

The Tech Roundup

It’s a big week in tech for me. Asus and Acer have just announced their new ultrabooks, Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is due any day now and, perhaps, most importantly Literature & Latte  have (sort of) announced a release date for Scrivener for Windows. First up, the ultrabooks. I have long lusted after some version […]

Well Done Amazon, Kindle on Linux Finally

A lot of people have been praising Amazon’s new Cloud Reader, an extension for Chrome and Safari which allows you to do pretty much everything you do on a Kindle or Amazon’s iPad app but using only your browser. They have (quite correctly IMHO) assumed that this was an attempt to evade paying the 30% […]


For those of you not familiar with it, WINE is a compatibility layer that sits between the software and the operating system and lets you run Windows programs in Linux without actually having a copy of Windows. The results have been very impressive. So far I have the Windows versions of Evernote 4.4 and Microsoft […]

Scrivener on Linux

I just downloaded the .deb package from the Scrivener forums and installed them on a Linux virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.10. It worked flawlessly. I am looking forward to testing this next week. Below is a screenshot of The Angel of Fire imported from OpenOffice Writer. In case you are wondering why the word Scene appears […]

A Week On OpenOffice

So here it is, Friday. I have been working away for a week in OpenOffice Writer and I have had some time to assess the impact.  I have written and revised my work quite happily and so far I am not missing Scrivener too much. This surprises me. It really does. I have written my last […]