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This Is My Experience

I’ve had a number of comments and private messages about my rant about my MacBook Pro. People have pointed out that their Macs are reliable and they’ve never had a problem with them. People have also told me that their PCs are very unreliable. My initial response has been that’s all well and good, but […]

Whatever Happened to It Just Works?

Warning– middle aged man ranting about first world problem alert. I am just venting about my recent problems with my Mac. Feel free to ignore. After the last couple of operating system releases, the wifi on my Mac has always been hosed. It’s been glitchy, with dropped connections, greyed out icons for Dropbox and OneDrive […]


Yesterday I was talking about the new military SF novel. I should have mentioned that I am experimenting with a new writing method. That may explain why it has been so much fun. Normally I am an outliner. The corpses of unfinished novels littered my early career. I started off on short stories, and in […]

Sweet Sixteen

So yesterday I hit 16 posts this month, precisely twice as many as I managed in all of last year. I’m going to give myself a hearty pat on the back for that. I’ll also confess I am a bit stuck for something to write about today so I am just going to talk about […]

Surface Pro 3 Revisited

It’s a bit of an experiment today. I am posting this using the Open Source version of Microsoft’s now unsupported but much loved Windows Live Writer. This is an experimental version but  it seems stable so I’m going to give it a try. The other part of the experiment is that I’m going to look […]

The Limits of Outlining

I tend to be an outliner but these have their limits as I discovered when working on the latest Kormak short story. I’ve had half this tale sitting on my hard drive for years. I really liked the opening but I could never find a way of making the story work. I got myself into […]

The Sword and Sorcery Bundle of Holding

The current Bundle of Holding is on a subject very close to my heart. It’s a collection of sword and sorcery games in the spirit of Conan, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and Elric. I bought it even though I owned two of the games already. Both of the previous editions of the classic Barbarians […]

Everything Counts in Small Amounts

A long while back I wrote about how even a 1% change in productivity adds up over the course of a year when you write thousands of words a day. It’s something that has been on my mind, off and on, ever since. I’ve been thinking that you don’t need to write thousands of words […]

Upcoming Releases

Last year was a quiet one for me, at least in terms of releases. This year is shaping up somewhat differently. The past couple of years left me sitting on a pile of manuscripts that needed licking into shape. These included 4 Kormak novels and one longer epic fantasy about wizards and dragons set in […]

Winter Is Here

Snow was on the ground in Prague this morning. It was minus seven and my phone’s weather app claimed it felt like minus ten, presumably due to wind chill. In any case, it was quite cold enough for me.

5th Edition D&D Goes Open License

Wizards of the Coast made a big announcement this week. The fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons has gone Open License in much the same way as the 3rd edition was. In some ways they’ve gone even further with 3e by making some of their intellectual property open(ish) license as well. It seems that through […]

The Dark Side of Accountability

As of today I have managed to post more times in the past two weeks then I did in the whole of last year. Yay! I am quite proud of keeping up my workday blogging schedule. One of the reasons I have done so, possibly the only reason, is because I said I would, here […]

The Steampunk Excerpt

Yesterday, I said I would post the first scene from my Russian steampunk novel complete with my editorial notes. Alas the fickle finger of fate has intervened. Scrivener has crashed seven times on me since yesterday, which is more than it has crashed during the whole period since I started using it back in 2007. […]

Day One, Scene One, Chapter One

So I started work on the first scene of the first chapter of my Russian steampunk novel. I got eight hundred words or so done. It was initially a disappointing read. It lacked the the richness, power and drama I thought it would contain when I conceived the scene. This is normal. For me, it’s […]

RIP David Bowie

I was looking at Flipboard this morning and came across an article saying David Bowie was dead. Hoping it was one of those cruel internet hoaxes I paged through a couple of news sites. Turns out, sadly, that it wasn’t. I am stunned. Bowie’s music was part of the soundtrack of my teenage life, perhaps […]