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The Curse of Nurgle, Reviews And Other Things

Last week I was struck down by the curse of Nurgle, a daemonic plague which resulted in me wheezing and gurgling and my voice becoming considerably deeper and huskier. I’ve been scaring people round the house by sounding like a Scottish Darth Vader. The end result of all this was that not much got done. […]

Another Absence Note

I was hoping to finish my epic series of posts about the writing of Blood of Aenarion this week but real life intervened in the various ways it does. I am off to London for the David Gemmell Legend Awards today so I won’t have the time now.I shall return next week!

Writing Blood of Aenarion (Part Four)

I am sometimes an idiot. Last time I was talking about how I came to the solution of how the Elves of Ulthuan figure out N’Kari’s plan. I fully intended to discuss that in this post then I realised it was, in fact, something of a huge spoiler so, apologies if I got your hopes […]