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For those of you not familiar with it, WINE is a compatibility layer that sits between the software and the operating system and lets you run Windows programs in Linux without actually having a copy of Windows. The results have been very impressive. So far I have the Windows versions of Evernote 4.4 and Microsoft […]

A Month Without Scrivener

Around one month ago I transferred all my files out Scrivener and started using OpenOffice Writer. This was an experiment and I was not even particularly sure why I was trying it. I said I would keep you all posted as to how it was going. The answer is surprisingly well. There are some things […]

Find and Replace in Writer

I just had my first big bit of grief from OpenOffice Writer. I was trying to replace double paragraph breaks. In Microsoft Word you just go to Find and Replace. In the find box you type ^p^p and in the replace box you type ^p. Hit replace all and you are done. Try as I […]

iCloud: The Hype Begins

There’s another interesting Apple puff-piece over at the Guardian. It sings the praises of Apple’s new iCloud as opposed to Google’s Web based approach to the cloud. The main difference is apparently that you can just fire up your MacBook and save your documents in the cloud and they will miraculously appear on all your other […]

Some of My Favourite Things: the Kindle

I love this device. I really really do. Even though I bought it from Amazon US and a month later Amazon released a more powerful UK version at about half the price I paid for mine (including postage and import duties) I still feel like I got my money’s worth. Why? It lets me carry […]

Weekend Reading

At the weekend I downloaded Tarzan At The Earth’s Core onto my Kindle and sat outside in the sun and read it in a few hours. This was a book I loved when I was fifteen. It involves Tarzan joining an expedition to the hollow world at the Earth’s core, the dinosaur haunted setting of […]

So What About Warhammer and Writing Then?

I know, I know it says Warhammer, Writing and Whatever Else Is On My Mind in the tagline above, and you come here and there’s damn little about Warhammer or writing for that matter and a lot about operating systems and software and work habits instead. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say […]