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Of course, you’ve heard of Dropbox. It’s a simple idea but it’s a game changer. It’s a piece of software that creates a folder. It stores anything you put in that folder in the cloud and on every computer on which you have installed Dropbox and it keeps all of these different folders in sync […]

The Angel of Fire

I thought I would say a little about the work in progress today. The Angel of Fire is a story of the Imperial Guard during the Macharian Crusade. It follows three friends, Leo, Anton and Ivan, part of the crew of a Baneblade, who by a series of strange accidents and the occasional bit of […]

Bye Bye Rift, Hello Again WoW

I cancelled my sub to RIFT yesterday evening. It was not because I did not enjoy it. It was fun — a polished, pleasant fantasy MMO that played well. It just did not excite me all that much, which is the danger of following too closely in the footsteps of a market leader like World […]

Apple Sales Growth and Guardian Spin

Over at the Guardian tech blog Charles Arthur points out that over the past five years Apple has enjoyed growth of up to 27% while Windows PC manufacturers have seen sales slump. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Surely it’s worthy of serious investigation! There must be something that Windows PC manufacturers could learn here. And yet […]

Monday Again– Let the Writing Begin

So here we are at the start of the work week. I have been doing my usual Monday morning thing — making lists of what needs to be done this week. I started this on a sheet of paper last night– I don’t touch a computer at all on Sundays unless it’s an absolute emergency. […]

Scrivener on Linux

I just downloaded the .deb package from the Scrivener forums and installed them on a Linux virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.10. It worked flawlessly. I am looking forward to testing this next week. Below is a screenshot of The Angel of Fire imported from OpenOffice Writer. In case you are wondering why the word Scene appears […]

A Week On OpenOffice

So here it is, Friday. I have been working away for a week in OpenOffice Writer and I have had some time to assess the impact.  I have written and revised my work quite happily and so far I am not missing Scrivener too much. This surprises me. It really does. I have written my last […]

Working in Ubuntu

I  went out to the cafe today carrying my Acer TravelMate 8371 running Ubuntu 10.10. I opened my present manuscript from Dropbox and I began work immediately and I did not stop writing until I had done 1500 words. I was very pleased with myself and very happy with the Ubuntu writing environment. Of course, […]

Scrivener to Writer

This morning I compiled The Angel of Fire, my work in progress, in Scrivener, saved it as an RTF file and transferred it to OpenOffice with the intention of completing it there. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of what my reasons were since I love Scrivener. I’ll try and list them in […]

Game of Thrones

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones went very well. The cast is superb and the look wonderful. I felt some of the speeches, which work really well in the book, were perhaps overlong for TV but that is a minor glitch. Kudos to all involved in this. I am impressed.