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  1. Hi there, big fan of your books, particularly the space wolf saga. Just curious where you thinking about continuing it in the future.

      1. I understand not right now you have little interest in continuing the spacewolfs series but do you think you wuill ever continue the adventure? I just finished the 2nd omnibus and it seems liek you had another story in mind eventually! I would love more of these books!

        1. Hey Jon, thanks for the kind words. I have no plans to revisit the Space Wolf series any time soon but you might be interested in my new Macharian Crusade novel which features a guest appearance by the Space Wolves, a Belisarius Navigator and a Wolfblade. It’s set in the pre-modern era so the Wolves are under the leadership of a different Great Wolf but I am hoping to work in Bjorn the Fell-Handed and maybe a young Logan Grimnar.

  2. Sorry about the miss spelling in the last comment im just that focused on the story i just read that my proof reading skills are like that of a wolfen at the moment.

  3. Sir, first off I really loved your space wolf series. It was very well written and made the main character appear to be a barbarian in someways , when one considers his berserker ferocity, but also noble and more level headed than many of his battle-brothers. I know that you probably do not want to be seen as only a space wolf author and that might be why you are writing the Macharian series but wouldn’t you agree that the space wolf story was not totally ended. The reader never learns the series of events that lead up to Ragnar’s ascension to Wolf Guard. I know that this could be your choice. Thinking that the reader should let his imagination fill in the gap but I believe that, as a warhammer 40k fan in general, there will be an eventual continuance of the series and if not directly written by you, then at least a novel where the author is guided by you. Thank you for the novels you created. ps. Your books along with the Blood Angels series got me interested in warhammer 40k and made me see that universe as something more than a bunch of nerds playing with eight-sided die.

    1. Thanks, Matt. I would agree that Space Wolf series is not ended, very far from it. Given the fact that Ragnar is a character in the Warhammer 40K gaming universe (and a pretty major one) it could not be. At the moment though, I have no plans to continue with it. Sorry!

      1. Hi i dont really need to retype the above comments your books are great in particular the Ragnar series. I realize you have said you have nothing planned with Ragnar in general but were it to happen is they anything planned with the 13th company ?? Id be ok with a shed of a yes haha !

  4. I wont rehash out the previous questions as im sure you’ve been beaten like a dead horse with them 🙂

    I did want to let you know, out of the MANY and by many..I mean MANY 40k books I own, yours are the best I’ve read. There is just something in the way you wrote the story of Ragnar that gave it that little extra bringing the characters to life giving you that connection with them and for the life of me your combat scenes just flow so well! I think its natural for the reader to accelerate their reading speed when they reach moments of intensity/anticipation such as a fight scene and you managed some how to match that while still giving enough detail to make it enthralling! Most bog it down with so much detail and grammar you want to vomit on the page 🙂

    Anyways many cudos to you and your writings! Hopefully if the saga continues you’ll be the one that continues it..wasn’t as pleased with the authors who helped bring it to its current conclusion..

    1. Thanks Anthony,

      There are no plans for me to do any more Space Wolf books but they do make a (brief) guest appearance in the Macharius trilogy which is set some considerable time before the current era.

  5. I just wanted to say, that after beginning life with a generally bad attitude towards reading (and language in general) from Dyslexia, I got tempted by my love of Space Wolves to try reading your Space Wolf Saga.

    I absolutely loved it. I am now surrounded by book shelves with hundreds of books ranging from scifi to ancient philosophy. Finding your website made me realise that back then, without Ragnar, it is quite possible I would have had a very different (and book-less) life.

    Thank you William.

    1. Just wanted to add, my brother actually did the exact same thing with the SW series I gave him. He has dyslexia and previously did not read books at all. he now has a larger library than me 🙂

  6. Now that ive hear of rumors of the return of the wolfen have you had any recent thoughts on space wolf lore i know im looking into writting some 40k stuff or at least tossing some ideas to someone who is published in areas not yet explored in 40k universe the last answer u posted i can see was in 2012

  7. Hi there, William. I just got done reading Wolfblade and I really enjoyed your work. I loved the way that you brought the characters to life and offered us sundry windows into their minds, all the while telling a gripping tale to boot. Your work is inspiring to me and I am beginning my first fanfiction creative writing project in the Helldivers universe (sort of a bastard cross between 40k, Starship Troopers, and Catch-22). I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for writing!



  8. Hey, after re-reading the series just recently, I now realize you have a website and wanted to say great job, those books are what got me into 40K and they were amazing. I notice a lot of people asking about continuation and you saying you just don’t want to. Completely respect that but I was wondering to as why? Those books where amazing and I just can’t leave the idea alone. No one wants to write 40k books anymore so it leaves us with a lack of real ones. If not you why has no one else tried to continue this tale? Seeing as this is the best and least boring books out of all the 40K ones (Believe me, having read them all none of them have fight scenes as good as this) is there a license on it or something? My main point is this; i understand you don’t want to continue it but is there any chance we may ever see a continuation (as some fan said above the canon story obviously keeps going) in any way shape or form? Or should i just resign to not ever seeing another one of these books/stories ever again?

    1. Thanks Kaden,

      I mostly prefer to write fantasy. The Space Wolves were as close as I could get to it in the 40K background but in the end, I preferred Warhammer Fantasy. There were other reasons which I may go into some day but not today. There’s no reason why somebody else could not pick up the books and run with them. I thought Aaron Dembski-Bowden was doing so and he’s a great writer. He’s for sure done a book about Ragnar.

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