Lamia’s Bane Released

A belated Happy New Year to you all! The latest Kormak story is now available. Here’s the blurb: A deadly lamia has returned to  the ancient city she ruled until driven out by the Order of the Dawn two centuries ago. Now Kormak must brave the haunted ruins and find out why she has come […]

A False Start

I am on holiday in the very lovely Cesky Raj and I am looking for an easy subject for a blog post. Fortunately one is close at hand. Last week I announced the release of the second Kormak short story, A Cold and Lonely Place, and this provoked some interesting discussions in the comments and […]

Lawrence Block on the Renaissance of the Short Story

Over on his blog the great Lawrence Block is talking about short stories. He thinks that ebooks might be the salvation of the form. If you’re interested in the short story I urge you to go ahead and read what he has to say. Block is, in my opinion, one of the greatest living writers […]