Sword of Caledor

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  1. NOoooooooooooo I can’t wait alllll the way until next December to get the next piece of this trilogy, soooooo not cool!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh.

    1. The first book actually had me completely hooked, it was just too short, I want more of the story (that will probably come with the other books of course),but more depth in the aftermath of the actions to show me the effect of characters actions. This was something I found in Gotrek and Felix where I wanted to know what the bartenders and other 3rd party personas were thinking of when they won barfights and such, just that feeling of being there and being entirely encompassed by that world by getting just a small chip of each parties’ perspective and thoughts. For anther example I would hope to see right in the beginning in the second book the awe and reactions to Tyrion and Teclis’s actions by other people including main characters and commonfolk. Not just a “good job, that was impressive”.

      1. Thanks, Mark. I am glad you liked Blood of Aenarion. One thing I try and do when I am writing a character is to treat him as if he is hero of the story and show his point of view as well as I can. Even if they are the villains for us, they are the hero of their own story. I think it makes things more realistic that way.

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