A darkness is gathering over the storm-wracked isle of Albion. Foul creatures stalk the lands once more and the omens foretell the coming of a great evil. Gotrek and Felix are compelled to fight the malignant evil that terrorises the populace before it can grow to threaten the whole world. With the aid of the mighty high elf mage, Teclis, they must decipher and utilise the secrets of the Old Ones. Only then can they hope to save the innocent and vanquish the dark master.

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  1. hi Mr King, im a big fan of your works and Gotrek & Felix, so i have to ask, is planned any continuation of the slayer saga? either you take over or anybody else? thanks for your attention, and regards


    1. Hi Isaac– apologies for taking so long getting back to you. I am currently suffering the flu again. Anyway, with regards to your question, there are no plans for me doing anything more with G&F although the pair roll merrily along having adventures without me!

  2. i love writing my own warhammer books and gortek and felix inspired me to start a book where i gather together a band of warriors from races that are near extiction. it isnt a straight warhammer book. but i was wondering what you thought about the idea. also i was thinking about making the main character the last giant but i am not sure about that part.

    1. Spencer, it’s really about whether you want to write this particular book, whether it excites you enough to make you follow through. Writing a novel is a long journey and you need to be able to stay motivated for the length of it, particularly when the going gets tough (and it will). What I think about it does not matter at all, what you think about it does :).

  3. Hello Sir, I just finished reading your part in Gotrek and Felix series. The change of writter in book 8, Orcslayer genuinely confuse me. So many questions pop up. What happened to the Chaos armada that was seen in Vampireslayer when Makaisson was scouting under the order of Tsarina? I thought it was a great threat that Felix knew. Why did he sound so surprised when there’s a war with Chaos in the Orcslayer book? How many years pass between the end of Giantslayer and the beginning of Orcslayer? Maybe all of my questions will be answered if I read further, but for now all the mystery was too much for me, I had to comment in the writters blog.

    Yours sincerely,

      1. But-but-but the Chaos fleet. What are you planning to do with that when you write it? The fate of that fleet really gnaw my curiosity.

        Yours sincerely,

          1. Ouch, it’s really bugging me. But, that’s fine. Thank you for all your time in responding me. It’s really nice to see author connect with their reader.

  4. Hi Mr King,
    I play a LARP set in the warhammer fantasy verse and my character is from Albion.
    I am beyond grateful for Giantslayer, providing some well needed insight into Albion, its peoples, and its culture.
    I would be very appreciative if you could expand on the gods of light and the 7, offering anything you can to give me to expand my knowledge and understanding of Albion worship.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, it has been a very long time since I wrote Giantslayer, and my aging memory does not recall very much about the gods of light or the seven, and I am pretty sure GW would not appreciate me unofficially adding to the lore anyway. Sorry I can’t be of more help. It’s always nice to hear from somebody who likes the book.

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