Happy New Year!

So that’s 2018 arrived. Hope you had a great New Year!

It’s that time when we talk about the stuff we hope to achieve in the sure and certain knowledge that we will look back in December and go what the hell was I thinking in January?

I did a particularly good job of this last year when I confidently announced I would release a book every couple of months and then managed to put out only one project in the entire year. In my defence, I will say that I was plagued by ill-health which has a way of making even the best-laid plans o’ mice and men gang aglay.

Hopefully, I will not quite manage to get my planning quite so wrong this year but you never know. So, bearing in mind that this all might prove to be as fictional as any novel I have ever written, here’s what’s on the cards in 2018.

There’s the twelfth Kormak book tentatively titled Hunter of Angels which sees our hero and the survivors of his merry band back in Siderea confronting the potentially and quite literally Apocalyptic consequences of their last quest. Stuff set up many books ago comes home to roost, almost as if I had planned it. We’ll see the return of King-Emperor Aemon and his sinister brother Prince Taran and the mailed fist come out of the Old One’s studded leather glove.

There will be another book set in Kormak’s world featuring a youthful magician’s apprentice, a baby dragon and a band of ruthless mercenaries on a secret mission. I started this one just trying to explore the nature of magic in the world and I ended up with a pretty thick beast of a book. It’s set in Umbrea, the haunted, much fought over desert land that lies between the Kingdoms of the Sun, the Courts of the Moon and the Shadow Kingdoms and it takes a deep dive into the nature of magic, demons and dragons. It has some decent jokes and rousing battle scenes as well. This one is tentatively titled A Contract in Blood.

There may also be Stormtrooper 13’s second outing, the much delayed Extinction Event. I thought I had finished this last year, but when I read it through after a break I was not happy with it. I tossed out 20000 words and tried again. 25000 new words later I was not any happier so I put the project on the backburner. I have some new ideas now so I’ll be re-engaging with it pretty soon. Hopefully this time I will get it right.

There’s Dragon Gate, the weird Lovecraftian Wuxia novel I mentioned during my Nanowrimo posts. I’ll finish the first draft of that this month then we’ll see about releasing it. I am really happy with this one and it’s certainly different. When I last saw the heroes they were sailing through the sunken ruins of a lost Cthulhoid city on a magically powered paddle steamer.

I plan on doing a bit more with my sadly neglected mailing list. Just to show that last year was not totally fruitless, I have a few short stories ready to go out with upcoming mailings. A couple of them are set in a new fantasy world I have been working on, a combination of Mad Max and the manga Berserk. The Apocalypse has been and gone, and the world is in the grip of a cabal of warring demon lords. It’s a hard place to survive in, let alone be a hero. There’s also some more stories set in Kormak’s world. I’ll also put in some extracts from works in progress too. If you’re interested in any of this, I recommend that you click on the link in the footer of this post to sign up for the mailing list.

On a personal level, I have a few simple goals which I mention here to give myself some accountability. I am giving up coffee since of late it seems to be getting into brutal fistfights with my body. And I am cutting way back on computer games since they seem to be having a negative impact on my spine and RSI. I’m going to fill that gap with more reading and playing pen and paper games. I fully intend to blog about this since there’s a lot of really exciting stuff going on in the gaming space which somehow slipped by me over the past few years.

And that’s it for me. I’ll take this time to wish you all a happy, safe and prosperous New Year and sign off now.

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  1. DekaBlack says:

    Well, first, happy new year from Spain!

    Second, good luck with the coffee thing. Sort oif remember me when i quit smoking.Is hard, but worth it. Oh, and of course, hope all your writing projects become a reality Btw, i think i’m a member of your ML, but honestly, can’t remember…

  2. Michael Mooney says:

    And a Happy New Year to you and the family from the Cold, sorry, Old Country. Further commiserations on the poor health, and I’m in awe of your aspirations, as ever.



    PS: Looking forward to more of Stormtrooper 13’s peace keeping missions. I did think of a good motto for his unit: “solitudinem faciunt” (there wouldn’t be room for the full quote on their helmets)

    • The aspiring is the easy part, it’s the doing I find hard. I actually almost used the full quote in the second book. Making a desert is what our hero does best. It is a great motto. Pacem appellant might be even better.

  3. Gordan Jovanovski says:

    All of this sounds rather exciting, and both of Kormak’s up coming adventures sound like they’ll be well worth the read. I think I’m leaning toward wanting to see the latter more if only because it’s set in Umbrea. Another new slice of Kormak’s world that we’ve only barely seen if at all. Plus something tells me Kormak’s dragons will be as interesting as any of the variations of standard fantasy beings we’ve seen in his world, and I loved what you did with the dwarves way back.

    I’m glad to hear Dragon Gate has a good chance of seeing the light of day. I was fond of it from the start, it just felt like it’d be a good read – I’d hate to hear it couldn’t be finished for some reason.

    Also glad to hear the mailing list will be seeing some use. Your short stories have always been a blast, the perfect balance between action and story.That reminds me, will we ever be seeing a sequel to Henchmen or The Graveyard Night, or something in the same style?

    Good luck with your personal goals, and happy new year!

    • Thanks, Gordan! Unfortunately, I can see I was not very clear above. One of the new books set in Kormak’s world is not actually a Kormak book. It’s the start of a whole new series. I started off with a list of things I wanted to explore in the world and one of them was magic. Kormak is not the best person to lead that investigation since mostly what he does with wizards is kill them. This new series follows a wizard from before his apprenticeship, through his training, his adventures with the mercenary company and a plunge into the dark and intricate Solar/Lunar/Shadow politics of the region. The dragons are very different I hope.

      Dragon Gate is shaping up really well at the moment. I am really fond of it.

      I’ve considered follow-ups to both of those stories. I even have part of the follow up to The Graveyard Night. It had one of the weirdest openings ever. The hero was having dinner in a restaurant with the Nazghul he had fought in the climactic battle of the war his side had lost. The Nazghul wanted to hire him to investigate something very dark. I never managed to get it any further than that.

      • Gordan Jovanovski says:

        Now that you mention it, I think I simply misread what you’d said. Either way both of the stories sound like they’ll be fun. A near-apocalyptic struggle on one hand and magical misadventure and dragons on the other. I trust that the dragons will be, I’ve loved your take on everything else so far.

        It seems your heroes have a curse that inevitably forces them to work with less than pleasant characters. Whatever comes of it, or the other short stories I’m sure they’ll be worth the read, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to them.

        • Again, thanks, Gordan and apologies for the slow reply. I usually try and stay away from the keyboard and spend some time with my family at weekends. The thing with unpleasant people is that they usually make for good dramatic situations :). I also think there’s a certain realism about them in the sort of situations I normally end up describing.

  4. Damon Richard says:

    Happy New Year Bill! Glad you’re feeling better. Really looking forward to the new stuff in 2018.

  5. Hi Bill, just read The Spider God, really looking forward to seeing Belal develop as a character and what trouble he stirs up. was a great read and as always leaves me itching for the next release.

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