Citadel of Demons Released

The eleventh Kormak book, Citadel of Demons, brings Kormak’s long quest across Terra Nova to its dramatic conclusion. In it, our monster hunting hero ends up facing demons, rogue angels and a pair of deadly sorcerers.

Citadel of Demons Web

Here’s the blurb.


In a fortress at the end of the world, an army of demons is imprisoned. The mad sorcerer Balthazar plans to unleash them and use their powers to begin a new Dark Age. Kormak must stop him, even if it costs him his soul, his faith and the love of his life.

Citadel of Demons is available at your favourite ebook retailer now priced at $4.99 or the equivalent in local currency.





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  1. Jack chappelear says:

    I cannot find book 10 of the series on the apple book store .

  2. Hi Bill, another great read, can’t wait to see how this impacts on future of the Order of Dawn, Kormak’s own faith and the ongoing battle with the old ones.

  3. Absolutely loved this book! Really enjoying Balthazar’s character. Can’t wait for your next!

  4. Can’t believe I forgot to leave a post on this gem… as always, it was great reading this, Bill. I am very curious to see what will be done with evidence that the entire faith upon which the world’s largest Empire was built is a truly massive lie. As always you’re a master story teller and just when we readers think that we know the world you’ve built (Empire of Man vs. Crumbling Empire of Old Ones vs. Ever Persistent Darkness) you throw another spanner in the works.

    Itching for more of this, Stormtrooper 13, and the Terrarch Chronicles in 2018

    • Thank you! Kormak 12 is written and edited. I just need to get a cover and it will be ready for release. The book begins to grapple with the fallout from the events in Citadel and the problems go even further than schisms within the Solar Faith. The Old Ones are less than thrilled to learn that their greatest enemies have returned. They plan on doing something about it. Stormtrooper 13 book 2 has been problematical. I have finished it twice, been unhappy with the result, gutted it and started again twice. I think I have ripped out and added in something like 40000 words so far. I have some ideas on how to redo it. Sorry about the delays.

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