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Citadel of Demons Cover Reveal

Citadel of Demons is off with my test readers which means that, barring someone discovering a huge plot hole (an eventuality I am never prepared to discount), it should be released within the next month. That being the case, now seems like a good time to show off the cover, once again courtesy of Clarissa […]

The Aeronaut’s Windlass

A captain cashiered for cowardice, now the most successful privateer in the sky. A motley crew of young cadets from the Spirearch’s Guard entrusted with a mission that should by rights go to older and more experienced heads. A sinister tea-drinking sorceress who will murder you if you are impolite to her, but you have […]

Sagittarius Rising

The events Sagittarius Rising describes happened around one hundred years ago. It’s hard to believe because the book is so vivid. It’s the autobiography of Cecil Lewis, a man who lied about his age to join the Royal Flying Corps in 1915. He ended up flying artillery reconnaissance missions over the Somme in 1916 just […]