Sweet Sixteen

So yesterday I hit 16 posts this month, precisely twice as many as I managed in all of last year. I’m going to give myself a hearty pat on the back for that. I’ll also confess I am a bit stuck for something to write about today so I am just going to talk about recent developments in my writing and travel plans. Bear with me, I am new to this daily blogging thing.

I was very surprised to discover my military SF novel seems to have taken on a life of its own. I sat down to write a few scenes, just sketches to see whether it would work and to try and get the feel of the thing. Before I knew it I had written 15000 words, laughing maniacally all the while. Believe it or not, this is usually a good sign for me although it troubles my wife and anybody else who happens to be in the vicinity.

Robert E Howard used to say that he felt as if Conan was standing at his shoulder dictating his adventures. I know the feeling. So it looks like there will be a cyberpunk space opera supersoldier novel from me in the not too distant future.

This week I am hoping to put the final touches on the latest Kormak short story, a tale of drunken sea-going giants and a demon sorcerer’s palace rising from the ocean floor. I’m also going to have to think of a title for it. So far that’s been the hardest part of the whole process. Since I settled down to finish it, this story has been a blast to write. As you’d guess about a story featuring inebriated giants, it’s a bit less grim than the usual Kormak story, with more of the feel of the early Gotrek and Felix adventures.

Earlier in the week I picked up a ticket to Ho Chi Minh City. I am off late next month. (I would say I am going to escape the snow but it all melted over the weekend.) It’s only for 10 days but it should be interesting. I did a two day trip to California for discussions about Illidan this time last year, so this counts as a long trip by my recent standards. I’ll post pictures here with a view to making all of you stuck in the European winter jealous. I’m nice that way.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print from me this week. Hopefully tomorrow there will be something a bit more coherent.

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15 Replies to “Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Do you have a pet? You can never post enough pictures of your cat. It’s what the internet is all about.

    Also learn lolspeak for the captions.

        1. I really like Sea of Troubles– I usually use the xxx of xxx formula for the novels. As fate would have it the next Kormak novel involves a lot of sailing. Mmmm…

          1. Hamlet– hums theme tune, watches edge of world approach. Sorry was just remembering the old cigar ad with the guy who used to play Avon in Blakes Seven. Despite my spell checker,I’m not putting in the apostrophe, because as Clive James pointed out, they didn’t.

    1. Thanks Derek– I’ve seen pictures of what’s happening on the East Coast. Keep warm! The weather here was spectacularly cold and snowy for a week or so and then mysteriously it got warm and the snow vanished overnight.

  2. Your reading recommendations are always nice. I’ve discovered a lot of classic, but forgotten, Swords & Sorcery books by following your blog, like Kane. Thongor was a lot of fun too.

  3. Sounds like I should look forward to reading a cyberpunk space opera supersoldier novel in the coming year.
    I’ve always been struck by Howard’s description of Conan looking over his shoulder as he typed and the sense of urgency that comes across in the stories.
    It’s probably a good sign the “Punk Opera” is flowing so easily.

  4. It’s great having regular updates from you, Bill. They’re a joy to read. New Kormak short story with a bit of the old G&F vibe? Sounds great. I’ve almost finished Weaver of Shadow (somehow I got through the opening Kormak trilogy quickly despite my massive reading list), and have to say the series really found itself there (world established, social structure and cultures developing for the best) and roars along at a terrific pace with plenty of great scenes and characters. It’s good to know that the Space Opera’s coming along well.

    1. Thanks George, glad to hear you’re enjoying Kormak. There should be a whole bunch more of his adventures coming along this year. The Space Opera is progressing nicely (see today’s post). I laugh a lot when I’m writing i,t which was the hallmark of my experience on the early Gotrek and Felix’s. This story too has something of the G&F vibe. Lots of violence and lots of jokes. Also thanks for the comments on the posts. I sometimes struggle to write them, and I often wonder whether they are worth it. It’s good to know someone likes them :).

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