Dungeon World +2 Bundle of Holding

Just a quick post this morning. I got an email from the good people at Bundle of Holding. They have a new Dungeon World Bundle available.

There’s some extraordinarily good stuff. Not only Dungeon World itself but dark magical Grim World. (I backed the kickstarter). It does exactly what it says on the tin.

There’s Iron Edda where the riders of mecha-ish magical machines fight against the coming of Ragnarok in a world of Norse-ish mythology.

There’s the dying earth of Last Days of Anglekite. There’s steampunk adventure with The Green Scar and Inverse World. And there’s a whole lot more. I’m just mentioning the ones that really push my hot buttons.

One of the things I love about the new generation of OSR/Creative Commons/Open Systems gaming is how much unique and interesting stuff is available. I don’t even have to learn a new ruleset to play too which is a bonus given my lack of time and failing memory.

At the moment you can get the base package for $6.95 and the the complete bundle for around $18 bucks. These prices will rise as more people buy. You can grab it here.

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