Born of Darkness

Born of Darkness , the seventh installment in the Kormak series, has just been released on all the major digital retailers. It’s another rip-roaring adventure featuring a resurrected Shadow-worshipping, soul-devouring Lunar warlord unleashed in the vaults beneath the Palace of King-Emperor Aemon of Siderea.

Here’s the blurb.

Millennia ago, the Shadow Lord Vorkhul vanished leaving only terrifying legends of his awesome power. Now he has reappeared in the sinister crypts below King-Emperor Aemon’s palace. Can Kormak solve the mystery of his resurrection and stop his rampage before he acquires the power to topple kingdoms?

Until midnight Wednesday 25th March, it will be available for the special price of $2.99 or the equivalent in local currency at the following stores:




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11 Replies to “Born of Darkness”

  1. Really enjoyed it, especially the links with the Terrarch series. Looking forward to the author’s comments on this one!

  2. I really enjoyed it. Other than the first short story it’s your best Kormac so far in my opinion.

    That being said…


    I couldn’t help but root for Vorkhul. Not only were we learning so much about the background through his recollections/flashbacks, but he also showed so much potential as a possible multi-novel arch villain…

    Of course, I’m not the writer and I don’t doubt you know what you’re doing!


    Can’t wait for the next one (mainly because I’d like to know why you killed off ol’ Vork).

    1. Glad you enjoyed the book, Eikos. This is, as you have correctly guessed, the start of a multi-volume arc, where Kormak has to solve the mystery of where Vorkhul’s coffin came from. It’s also the first real look at the deep history of his world– the war between the Old Ones and the Angels of the Sun etc. There’s more like Vorkhul in the future along with shapeshifting assassins, Shadow cult sorcerers and a trip to Terra Nova.

      1. Thank goodness for that.

        I wonder though: are the ubermenchen ever going to “have their day”? Yes, I’m one of the unters myself, but I can’t help but sympathise with the sense of cosmic injustice felt by the Old Ones and Terrarchs having to continuously lose to us slobs (by comparison that is, of course). It’s a rather unsettling theme (to me anyway) I’ve noticed in both series.

        1. That’s an interesting way of looking at things, Eikos. I would say that in both these series the ubermenschen have already had their day and it has been a long, long one. In the Terrarchs we are looking at the inflection point where the world changes. In the Kormak books we see the remains of the world they dominated and might actually come to dominate again. Of course, the exact length of the Eldrim reign is only really clear in my notes at this point but its much longer than the Terrarch epoch. There are also huge chunks of the world that the Old Ones still rule. I’ll be looking at those at some point.

          1. Trust me to spell ubermenschen incorrectly…

            That’s something I neglected to think about concerning the Old Ones and Terrarchs. It’s a cyclical sort of thing then.

            It’s really a tremendous setting/ mythos or whatever the word is. Well done.

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