Bundle of FATE

I am just making a quick post to mention the FATE package available here at Bundle of Holding. If you have any interest in this excellent role-playing game (RPG) this is a good time to buy.

The Bundle of Holding is a pay what you want package.  You can get the excellent FATE Core and FATE Accelerated RPGs along with pulp adventure Spirit of the Century, the science fiction games Diaspora, Bulldogs and Full Moon and the fantasy game Ehndrigohr by paying any sum you care to contribute.

If you pay more than the average price, currently standing around $15 as I write this, you also get Cubicle Seven’s excellent Starblazer Adventures and Legends of Anglerre along with Arc Dream’s Victorian Steampunk Superhero game The Kerberos Club (which sell for around $75 in total if you buy the PDF versions).

All of these games run on the FATE engine and represent a value of around $125 if you buy them separately. All of them are DRM free PDFs. There are Kindle and ePUb files for some of the games– FATE, FAE and Spirit of the Century, if I recall correctly.

FATE is a story-and-character driven RPG with an interesting set of game mechanics which give the players an unusual amount of control over the outcome of their actions and the nature of the story. I have owned Spirit of the Century for some time and it is one of the best pulp adventure games and settings I know.

The Bundle is available for a limited time only and the deal has another one day and seven hours to run as I write this. Ten percent of the money you contribute goes to charity.

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