Upcoming Appearances And Other News

It’s going to be a busy old time for me on the travel front by the looks of things. I’ll be at Gamesday on Sunday 29th September, and hopefully will have a copy of Bane of Malekith to wave proudly at people. 

Malekith Final SMALL

Next up is the Black Library Weekender 2nd and 3rd November at the Belfry in Nottingham. The last one was a total blast. Hopefully there will be no re-run of the Karaz fiasco this year and Gav and I’s multi-generational dwarf epic will finally get the respect it deserves. 

Because one convention in a week is simply not enough for me, I’ll be at Falkon in Lublin in Poland on the weekend of the 8th to the 11th of November.

And I’ll be spending the weekend of my birthday (6th to 8th December) at Parcon/Fenixcon in Brno in the Czech Republic. Come along and have a chat if you happen to be in the area for any of these.

And finally, here is the very lovely cover for the Czech version of Defiler of Tombs. 

IMG 20130910 174457

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