City of Strife Released

Book Four of the Kormak Saga, City of Strife came back from editing earlier than expected so I released it today. It’s a classic urban sword and sorcery adventure involving undead gangsters, cannibal were-rat cultists and impending civil war in the greatest city of the kingdom of Taurea. Kormak is caught between the warring factions and must solve the mystery of what is really going on before catastrophe ensues. Naturally there is plenty of sword-wielding action and monster-slaying as well.


Pick up the book at,, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble right now. The price is a very affordable $2.99 or the equivalent in your local currency. The iBooks and Kobo versions will be along when the Powers That Be at the respective e-stores decide. There will be a print version in a month or two.

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