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Hunting for Trolls in Oslo

Let’s get the downsides out of the way first. Norway is expensive. I mean eye-wateringly, wallet-numbingly expensive. Let me put it in perspective. Norway and the Czech Republic both use a currency called the crown. Things are more or less exactly the same price in crowns in both countries. The difference is that there are […]

Off To Norway

Number One Son and I are off to Norway to hunt for trolls so there may be no blogging or replies to comments for a bit. It depends on whether there is internet in troll country or not. In the proud tradition of this blog I may put up some photos of the trip in […]

Author’s Notes: City of Strife

City of Strife was the fifth Kormak book I wrote, even though it is being released as the fourth in the series. Yes, that’s right, I wrote a complete novel, Taker of Skulls, and I sat on it while I wrote this one. I even had what I thought was a good reason for doing […]

City of Strife Released

Book Four of the Kormak Saga, City of Strife came back from editing earlier than expected so I released it today. It’s a classic urban sword and sorcery adventure involving undead gangsters, cannibal were-rat cultists and impending civil war in the greatest city of the kingdom of Taurea. Kormak is caught between the warring factions […]

Kormak: City of Strife Preview

The fourth Kormak novel, City of Strife is off with my editor right now. I’m hoping it will be ready to publish in the not-too-distant future so now seems like a good time to run a preview. (You may also wish to download Stealer of Flesh, the first book in the series. It’s available for […]

Workflow 2013

I’m currently working on The Fall of Macharius and, since I am right in the middle of a new novel, now seems like a good time to talk about the tools I use and my workflow. It’s on my mind and a nice easy subject to write a blog post about and, hey, I’m all about […]

The End of Free?

Over on Lindsay Buroker’s excellent blog there is a post which very lucidly points out all the reasons Amazon may be making it less and less attractive to release free ebooks. Rather than rehashing Lindsay’s arguments here I recommend you simply go read the post and the comments. I’ll still be here when you get […]