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And The Winner Is…

I have once again been struck down by Nurgle  who has visited upon me yet another of his plagues. Overwhelmed by wheezing, sniffling and feverishness I decided to let the Writing Fantasy Heroes contest run another day. I have risen from my sickbed and with the aid of the D&D random die roller, chosen a […]

Writing Fantasy Heroes: Tyrion

It’s Writing Fantasy Heroes week here so I thought I would chip in with my two cents worth about one of fantasy heroes I have worked on recently. I’m going to use Tyrion, one of the two main characters in my ongoing High Elf trilogy, as an example. This process of developing Tyrion was a little […]

Writing Fantasy Heroes

Today I am pleased  to have a guest post by Jason M Waltz, the publisher of Writing Fantasy Heroes and many other fine works via his company Rogue Blades Entertainment. Jason and I have crossed paths in numerous sword and sorcery forums and and his knowledge of  and his sincere love for the genre have always […]

If You Can Push Save On Your Word-Processor You Can Create An Ebook

Some of you may remember me claiming some time ago that pretty soon you would be able to create an ebook by pushing the save button on your word-processor. Little did I know that it was close to possible even as I was writing that. Of course, it depends on what word-processor you use. It […]

Nice Review of Stealer of Flesh

There’s a very nice review of Stealer of Flesh here by someone who clearly understood what I was attempting. It’s attached to a short essay about the structure of fantasy novels which is worth your consideration as well.

Kormak Omnibus Released

So that’s the first Kormak Omnibus released. It comprises of pretty much everything that has been written so far; the first three novels, the short story Guardian of the Dawn, all my author’s notes for the series and a lovely parchment-style map by Chazz Kellner. I confess this is an experiment with a new format […]

Elric Among the Nazis

Last year Gollancz announced it was going to be making all of Michael Moorcock’s genre work available both in print and in ebook form. It was exciting news for me. Moorcock was my gateway drug to genre fantasy more than 40 years ago. I own most of his stuff in paperback but the books are […]

For the Age of Wonders Fans Among You

There’s a very nice article about the new Age of Wonders game here. I am so looking forward to this game — a mashup of the old Age of Wonders turn-based grand strategy fantasy gaming and Total War style combat sounds awesome.

New Cover For Guardian of the Dawn

As you can probably tell, I have been sprucing up the Kormak ebooks recently. Here is the lovely cover that the talented Clarissa Yeo over at did for the short story Guardian of the Dawn. If you’re interested, you can read the whole story for free here. The Author’s Notes are here.

Welcome Back Game of Thrones

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one sitting glued to the box by the return of Tyrion Lannister, Bron, John Snow, Danerys et al last night. I am sure of it because my wife and son were sitting right there with me. Which in itself is an unusual thing these days– normally our group television […]