Standard Bearer, Kuala Lumpur

In keeping with what is fast becoming a proud tradition of this blog, here are some pictures from the signing I did at the Standard Bearer, Kuala Lumpur a month or two ago. As ever there are some establishing shots of KL taken on my phone’s camera, then pictures taken by other folks who were kind enough to send them along.

This was a most excellent signing and I would like to thank Wolf and Zen and Dzirhan and Norman and Jason and Jar Jar as well as those people whose names I have unfortunately forgotten for showing up and listening to me rant on the subject of writing, games and anything else that entered my mind.

I’d particularly like to thank Wolf for taking me to see the Thaipusam Chariot depart for the Batu Caves (third picture down) and for his great hospitality. I’d also like to thank Jar Jar for not holding a grudge after I broke his arm. 

By the way, the Standard Bearer is located in Publika, KL which is singularly the coolest mall I have ever been in, with cafes decorated in retro-futurist chic so that they look like something out of Mad Max. The way to the bathrooms is even illustrated with art by local comic book artists. Naturally, with my usual eye for the telling detail, I neglected to take pictures of any of this

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