Fun Atelier, Hong Kong

I meant to put this up a month ago but with my usual sloth-like speed I have somehow managed to delay doing so. After a couple of establishing shots of Hong Kong, specifically of the harbour as seen from the Star Ferry taken on my phone camera, these are pictures from my signing at Fun Atelier.

This is a great hobby store reached by its own elevator –how cool is that?– on Hong Kong Island. As you can see if you look closely I was sporting my wino beard but somehow this did not discourage numerous people from approaching me and engaging in pleasant conversation.

I would like to thank Edwin, Walter, William, Sam, Caspian, Guy and many, many others whose names now slip my mind for making it such a pleasant and memorable afternoon and for listening to my ramblings on the subjects of Elves, the 41st Millennium, how to write and many other subjects. I would like to thank Guy in particular for the gift of the fine painted figure of Macharius that you can see below! I’d also like to thank Edwin and Walter for taking the pictures and Walter for his diligence in sending them to me. My apologies for taking so long to put them up.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic time, Bill! I’m about to head out to Shanghai in the next couple weeks, to work on a computer game. It’ll be my first time to China, and I’m looking forward to it.

    1. It was great, mate. Have fun in Shanghai! I am jealous :). Right across from my hotel in HK was the railway station to the mainland. If I had more time I would have taken a train to Shanghai myself.

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