My apologies — six weeks have passed without a post, which is my longest period of radio silence since I started this blog. In my defence I will say I have both been busy and on holiday. I was travelling in Asia– Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to be specific. 

My original plan was to write about my trip as it happened. If you follow this blog you’ll have noticed how successful that was. I blame this on the fact that I was having a good time and to the fact that I quite frankly prefer wandering around interesting, exotic places than to blogging about them.

It’s a truism of keeping a travel diary that the days that are the least interesting are the days when you write most, and the days which are really exciting are the ones on which you write least. The reasons are obvious– when the days are full of incident and excitement you have less time to write them up. On the days that are dull, time hangs heavy on your hands, and you write up your notes to fill it up. The same thing apparently applies to blog posts. You can tell from the lack of blogging that I was having a good time. 

I’d like to give a shout out to Edwin Cheung and Walter Wu in Hong Kong, Francis Wolf in Kuala Lumpur, Rommel Farid and Patrick Ong in Penang and Damien Chua and Dongkye in Singapore. I’d just like to thank them all for their exceptional hospitality and for showing me around their home towns. Getting such an insiders view of things as a traveller is a gift beyond price. I’d also like to thank Black Library’s own Mal Green for putting me in touch with some of these excellent people in the first place. 

It wasn’t all swanning around in glamorous and exotic locales. I did actually do some work, which is how this travel gets funded. I polished the final draft of the second Macharius book, Fist of Demetrius. I wrote about 60% of the fourth Kormak book, City of Strife, and I revised the third Kormak book, Weaver of Shadow, which is with my editor now. I  also did some book signings in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Hong Kong, where I got to chat with a lot of excellent people about Tyrion and Teclis and the Space Wolves among other things. I hope to be writing more about this and posting some pics in the not too distant future. 

And on that note, I will shut up. Hopefully it won’t be six weeks until my next post.

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