Death’s Angels Free

Just wanted to make a quick announcement that Death’s Angels, the first book in the Terrarch series will be available free for a limited time on, B&N and iTunes US and UK. For some reason, it refuses to go free on but you can download it from Smashwords. Alternatively, if you get really desperate, you can email me with your reader type and I will send you a copy in a format suitable for your machine. 



  1. Dang! And there’s me just recently gone and bought it. 😉

    • Sorry about that! You could always return it to Amazon (I believe you can do this within one week, no questions asked) and download a free copy. Or I could send you one. Did you finally get a Kindle by the way?

  2. Nah, it’s alright. What kind of cheapskate d’you think I am anyway? Just don’t spend it all at once… :b

  3. I think it’s not a bad way how to share work with people without sense for real book or in other cases. But I have to say it’s great tetralogy and i own it all :).

  4. Rinsukaze says:

    I just bought Death Angels a few days ago and it’s currently in my to-read queue. If it’s only half as good as your other books the rest of the series will soon fall too 😉

    I hope making it free helps to increase your sales!

    • Thank you. Hope you enjoy the book. So far the jury is out on the free experiment but it’s early days yet. I’ll give it a month and see how things look then :).

  5. Cameron T says:

    Hey Bill,

    Just a wee update for you and people visiting here, Death’s Angels (Volume One of the Terrarch Chronicles) [Kindle Edition] is now showing free on

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