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Another Blast From the Past: Rogue Traders

Here is another background piece I did back when I was writing Farseer. There is actually a Rogue Trader character in Fist of Demetrius so this may still be relevant. Once again, everything here is very old and none of it was ever part of the official 40K background save where it appears in Farseer. […]

Kormak: Stealer of Flesh Released

Just wanted to announce that Stealer of Flesh, the first Kormak novel– well, a collection of linked novelettes really, has been released. In a blatant effort to promote sales, the Kormak short story Guardian of the Dawn will be free until midnight Thursday as well. STEALER OF FLESH To the world at large, he is […]

The Casebook of Jack Brodie Part Two

My Victorian detective novel The Inquiry Agent featuring former Bow Street Runner Jack Brodie continues to ride high in the Amazon charts and here as promised is the second extract from its sequel, The Distressed Lady. Mr George LazarusThe chambers of Mr George Lazarus were, in every way, what I expected to find and a […]

The Casebook of Jack Brodie

Much to my surprise my Victorian detective novel, The Inquiry Agent, has reached the top 10 in the Kindle Historical Mysteries and British Detective categories on It was in fact very briefly number 1 in both  and is, as of the time of writing, in the Top 100 Mysteries. I would like to do […]

Drinking With Wolves

For those of you considering having a beer with the Wolves of Space, a dire warning. Leo, one of the Imperial Guard heroes of Fist of Demetrius, has had some experience in this field. Extracted from the first draft of Fist of Demetrius “Kill me now,” I said. The room seemed to be whirling around as […]

Wolfblades: Yet Another Blast From The Past

In honour of Macharius’s recent encounter with the Wolves of Space I have decided to reprint yet another old post of mine from the website. (And yes, I admit it, because I am feeling lazy.) Once again, I would like to thank Jimmy Carmine for pointing me in the direction of the and allowing […]

Another Blast From The Past

Here are some more mad ramblings from the recently rediscovered files of Wilhelm of Praag, strangely still relevant to the Tyrion and Teclis Trilogy. (I would like to thank Jimmy Carmine for pointing me in the direction of in the comments to the previous Blast From the Past). I should point out that this comes from […]

Ten Thousand

On Saturday evening, some time between 10 pm and 11 pm, I sold my 10,000th e-book. That may not seem much in the grand scheme of things but if you consider the fact that my e-books are essentially put together by my wife and myself in our living room and have been on sale for roughly […]

A Blast From The Past

So that’s Black Library Live been and gone and  it was a lot of fun. I even managed to pick up a copy of Slaves To Darkness, one of the very first projects I ever worked on at Games Workshop back in the day. It contains the very first encounter of the Emperor and Horus ever […]