Archives for January 2012

Sky Pirates Released

I can remember the exact moment when I got the idea for Sky Pirates. I was reading one of Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian books, The Gods Of Mars. I came across his descriptions of the savage green men and, of course, I thought of orcs. For some reason, from then on the idea of Burroughs Green […]

Order Out of Chaos

So the end of the month is sneaking closer and I am still working away. As I mentioned at the start of the month, I planned on writing 2K of new fiction every working day this year as well as revising work for publication. I also mentioned that I was having trouble settling down into […]

SOPA Strike

No post today. Like many other people I am protesting against SOPA which I believe is not a good thing. But Bill, I hear you say, this is a post. Fair enough but you know what I mean!

The Hundredth Post

Back in the 80s my brother sold insurance. He occasionally attended sales conferences and sometimes came back with motivational books. One day, bored, with nothing better to do, I read one. It started a life-long habit of reading books about selling and the life of a salesman. In case you are wondering what possible relevance […]

The E-Book Experiment: 6 Month Report

When I started my e-book experiment I decided I would wait six months before passing any judgements. That would be a long enough period to collect some data and see how the whole thing worked for me. You hear all sorts of contradictory reports about e-publishing but I’ve always liked to collect empirical evidence for […]

Changing Habits

I am a creature of habit. I like to do the same things in the same ways. I don’t think habits are of necessity bad things. They can be either good or bad, depending on the habit and the circumstances. The habit of smoking 60 cigarettes a day I once had was undoubtedly a bad […]

David Gemmell Legend Award

Somehow, in all the baby-related excitement I managed to forget to mention the fact that Blood of Aenarion is on the Long List for the David Gemmell Legend Award this year. At any other time in my life this would have been huge news but with the arrival of young Will, it just kind of […]

Coming Up In 2012

I hope you all had a pleasant New Year and find yourself in fine fettle today. In Chez King we saw in New Year playing Ivanhoe while the City of Prague laid on a fine fireworks display outside our window and baby William lay asleep in his cot. Now the holidays are over and it’s […]