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2012: The Plan

Having gotten side-tracked on Wednesday into writing about the usefulness of the knowledge of our own mortality, I am back to a slightly more cheerful subject today, my plans and resolutions for the coming year. You’ll notice that most of my goals are stated in numbers. I’m a great believer in what gets measured gets […]

What Would You Do If You Had Only Five Years To Live?

What would you do if your doctor told you that you only had 5 years to live? How would you change your life? What would you do differently? Where would you visit? What would you tell the people you love? What hatchets would you bury? What relationships would you try to mend.  Make a list […]

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail or Something Like That

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas has come. I’ve played with (or read) my presents and it’s time to get back to some serious work. The space between Christmas and the New Year is usually when I review my goals from the previous year and set my goals for the coming one. This […]

The Best Laid Plans

I had planned on writing about Tyrion and Teclis today but my new-born son had other plans that trumped my own. He decided last night he really did not want to sleep and if he could not sleep, none of the rest of us would either. I can’t remember the last time I went a night without […]

The Inquiry Agent Released

I always wanted to write a tough-guy, first person detective story in the style of Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammet but it’s a very American form and I never felt confident that I could carry off the setting. Somehow Scotland never seemed quite to fit my vision as a setting for this sort of story. […]

Good News

My son William Karel King was  born yesterday at 5:44 am. I am not planning on doing much work today as a consequence. I will be doing the happy dance and visiting the lad and his lovely mother Radka in the maternity hospital. In the meantime, if you feel the urge to read something new […]

Interrogated By Skaven

I was recently captured and interrogated by Skaven. The full horrific results can be found here.

The Future As Boiled Frog

I am sitting in a cafe in Prague typing this in Open Office Writer on an Asus eeePC netbook running Ubuntu 10.10. I was thinking about working on my old Amstrad CPC 6128 in Edinburgh back in 1986 and the fact that the future has come like that famous frog, the one that doesn’t notice […]

The Cost of Kindle Select

I checked my balance on Smashwords this morning, as I do intermittently—Smashwords does not have anything like the real-time reporting of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing so it is not nearly so addictive. I am not sure I completely understand Smashwords arcane system of accounting but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am owed […]

Manic Monday

Blood of Aenarion, my first new Warhammer novel in more than eight years, has just been released. I had planned a long post for today about the writing of the book, which was something of an epic in itself, involving travel across Europe and Asia, visits to exotic and glamourous locations and my discovery of […]

The Small, Nagging Voice

Yesterday I finished the first draft of my Kormak novel, Mask of the Necromancer. I did it ahead of schedule, just carried along by the flow of the writing. You’d think I’d be happy, but no, being a writer and a neurotic, I’ve found a way to make myself unhappy about this. Since I believe […]

E-Books: The Content Wars Begin

When I signed into my KDP account today there was a new banner right beside the logo announcing KDP Select and showing a link to the details of the new program. (For those of you who do not know the acronym, it stands for Kindle Direct Publishing and it’s the arm of Amazon that lets […]

First Impressions: Scrivener for Windows

I am just settling in to my first week of actual real work using Scrivener for Windows. I’ve written my last six books either wholly or partially in Scrivener for the Mac but over the past couple of years I have found myself drifting away from Apple’s machines and onto Windows and Linux. Scrivener was […]

Lion Thoughts

So I finally got round to installing Lion a couple of weeks back and now I am going to give you my belated review. Everybody else upgraded about six months ago but what the hell– I am not much of an early adopter. In case you want the edited highlights– I basically like it, I […]

The Age of Re-Reading

I am at an age now where I find myself more likely to re-read books I loved when I was young than to seek out new authors. I am not sure exactly why. I suspect that it is because when I was young I read everything much less critically which gave the love a chance […]