Death’s Angels

Today I uploaded Death’s Angels to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system. It is still going through the approval process as I write this but I have to say I am thrilled. It’s been a long strange journey to see this book come out in English. It’s taken almost six years. The book has already been published in German, Spanish, Polish and Czech but never found an English language publisher. In the end I have released the book myself with, it has to be said, considerable help from others.

So I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Angela King for editing and proof-reading and Jan Patrik Krasny for his lovely cover. I also owe a strong debt of gratitude to Michael Mooney, John McLintock, Vince Rospond, Jeff Rubinoff and Eve Bloom for reading and commenting on the early drafts of the story. Lastly I would like to thank my wife Radka for putting the cover together as well as putting up with me. Ok- that’s my Oscar moment over. Normal service will now be resumed.

Deaths Angels

This is the first book in the Terrarch series. The basic premise is that a thousand years ago the world of Gaeia was conquered by the Terrarchs, cruel and beautiful alien invaders, masters of sorcery and intrigue. They have ruled humanity with a fist of steel inside a glove of velvet ever since. For a thousand years, ancient daemons have slept, waiting for the moment of their return. Now the stars are right. Old and evil gods are wakening. New revolutions are being born. A genocidal war that will destroy civilisation sweeps ever closer.

The story follows our hero, the half-human, half-Terrarch, Rik. Rik starts out as a common soldier but he is the inheritor of a strange and terrifying secret. In Death’s Angels he and the rest of the Seventh Infantry stumble on an terrible conspiracy to awaken the loathsome Spider God Uran Ulthar and must stop a cult of evil sorcerers before the demon god can be summoned.

The books are set in a world of gunpowder and magic. I was aiming for a hybrid of HP Lovecraft and Sharpe: military fantasy with a very strong undercurrent of Cthulhoid horror. If you would like to find out whether I succeeded, you will, hopefully, soon be able to check out the book on Amazon.


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  1. Hello
    I already started reading it and must admit I’m really enjoying it. Its really hard to put down once you have a hold on the story. I didn’t know what to expect, for I had never read a mixture such as that, but now that I really had a chance to merge with the idea I think its fantastic. I really enjoy Sadrec´s story. Of course he has a despicable way of thinking about humans, and as all terrach he is a unspeakable politician, but his story line is sort of enchanting in a way, I guess that’s why high society lives as it does. Well I loved the book.

    1. Thanks, Alexander. I would be grateful if you would consider leaving a review where you got the book (if you feel like doing so). They really help.

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