iCloud: The Hype Begins

There’s another interesting Apple puff-piece over at the Guardian. It sings the praises of Apple’s new iCloud as opposed to Google’s Web based approach to the cloud. The main difference is apparently that you can just fire up your MacBook and save your documents in the cloud and they will miraculously appear on all your other Apple computers from the cloud. You get to use local apps and not be tied to the browser as with Google’s offerings. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Another radical new innovation from Steve and the boys in Cupertino!

Well, no actually. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years on a mix of Apple, Windows and Linux machines using Dropbox (and sometimes LiveMesh) as have millions of people like me. I am sure that the Apple version will be polished and beautiful. I am sure we will be reading a lot more about in the Guardian but it’s kind of sad that their tech writers need an Apple press conference to uncover “innovations” that have been generally available for years.

Of course, the publicity will push this into the spotlight and Apple will get credit for it. Such is the way of the world.

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